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Massage in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great time to indulge in the benefits of massage.  In experienced hands, massage is not just a luxury but helps your body comfortably adjust to all the changes that result from pregnancy. Benefits of prenatal massage include: Relieving lower back pain Relieving the strain on your shoulders, abdomen, hips and lower back […]

Do I really need a birth plan?

This question comes up a lot.   We’ve written about it before.  But it still comes frequently. You finally get to the third trimester, you realize that this baby is coming, and labor and delivery are going to be very real experiences for you.   As you start preparing for this, you read about having a birth […]

Pregnant? Postpartum? You really do need the Flu Vaccine

  It is that time of year again where the weather gets colder, sweaters and boots come back into fashion, and the news gets obsessed with pumpkin spice everything. That’s right! Flu season! I know, “I got one last year! Shouldn’t one be enough?” Unfortunately no. The flu virus mutates so quickly through the population […]

How much worry is too much worry in pregnancy?

      Many women get anxious during pregnancy. It is a very common reaction to something new, scary, and incredibly important in life. There is a common saying that “once you know you are pregnant you worry for the rest of your life.” In pregnancy, as in most other important things in life, a […]

What Happened to the Zika Virus? It’s still around and just as dangerous…

What Happened to the Zika Virus?   It’s still around and just as dangerous…   The Zika virus epidemic peaked in 2016, fortunately there are less cases each year since.  However, it’s still around and it’s dangerous consequences in pregnancy: miscarriage, microcephaly, and still birth, are still very real.  Unfortunately, over 80% of Zika virus infection […]

Where are the Babies?

The modern vision of working motherhood is not working out for a lot of women.   In a big way.  The number of babies being born in the US is dropping, to the lowest levels in 30 years!   In 2017, 3.8 million babies were born.  That’s a huge number, unless you consider that it’s a 2% […]

Perinatal Depression

  Though the Postpartum Blues and Postpartum Depression are commonly known mental health issues associated with pregnancy, much less is discussed about depression IN pregnancy.  Depression among pregnant women, called Perinatal Depression, affects over 15% of women. Depression, the most common mood disorder in the general population, is approximately twice as common in women as […]

Pregnancy planning in the 30s

  There’s a lot of anxiety around the age of 35.  It’s the line that’s been drawn between “normal” pregnant women and those of “advanced” maternal age.   Though the changes a woman goes through are gradual and ever changing, the age of 35 is the best age to place this line for a lot of […]

Group B Strep in Pregnancy

  Every pregnant woman is evaluated for Group B Streptococcus (GBS) in pregnancy.  By 36 weeks, if she hasn’t yet had GBS, a swab is done of the vagina and anus in the office to specifically rule it out.  What’s it all about? GBS is a type of bacteria that is commonly found on humans.  […]

Pregnancy and Air Travel

Pregnancy and Air Travel. Feb 2018   Travel plans coming up?  Trying to figure out what’s safe and what’s not while pregnant?  Here are some basic guidelines for safe travels: Airplane travel doesn’t make labor more likely, but no one wants to have a baby on a plane! Airlines do not follow a standard set […]