2024Issue 1New Start for Your Skin, Motivation, Postpartum Anxiety, Nasal Fractures, Integrative Mind-Body Approach to Cancer and more
Issue 2Many updates from the office, Integrative Approach to Menopause, 2024 Allergen of the Year, “Tongue-Tie” and more
2023Issue 1Chronic Cough, Healthcare Screenings, and Lowering Your Cancer Risk
Issue 2Skin Exams, Bladder Control, Playgrounds, Hot Flashes, and more
Issue 3Brown Spots, Bariatric surgery, Postpartum Depression, and more
Issue 4Advances in facial fillers, Primary Care Physicians, Flu season and vaccines, Vaginal Estrogen, Weight Loss in pregnancy and more
2022Issue 1Patients at High Risk for Breast Cancer, Sudden Hearing Loss, Omicron, and more…
Issue 2Dense Breasts, Pandemic Parenting, Hair Loss, and more
Issue 3COVID19 in pregnancy, Asian Skincare, Breast Cancer Myths and more
Issue 4Hemorrhoids, Climate Change, Vertigo, Skincare for Men, and more!
2021Issue 1Mystery rashes, COVID19 Vaccines, Bladder Control, and more!
Issue 2A new physician, a maternity leave, Getting your skin ready, Cancer Myths, and more…
Issue 3Exercise in Pregnancy, Self Care and Cancer, New Treatments for Bladder Control and more
Issue 4Protecting Your Memory, Minimizing Surgical Scars, Body Gratitude and more
2020Issue 1Skin bumps, Nosebleeds, Cellulite, and Adolescent Nosebleeds
Issue 2The COVID19 Issue
Issue 3Covid Updates, Sunscreen, Tinnitus and more
Issue 4We’ve moved! Skincare & Covid, Breast Cancer Awareness, COVID19 & Pregnancy, and more!
2019Issue 1Thyroid Awareness Month, Weight Loss, Smoother Skin and more…
Issue 2Autism Awareness Month, Weight Loss, Skin Hacks for Healthy Skin and more…
Issue 3Libido Issues, Swimmer’s Ear, Barb’s trip to Tanzania and more
Issue 4Cancer Awareness, Hair Loss, Ear Wax, Sexual Devices and more!
2018Issue 1 & 2Intermittent Fasting, MonaLisa Sundays & more
Issue 3Hair Loss, PMS, Brown Spots, Safe Summer Tips for Kids and more
Issue 4Endometriosis, Cancer Prevention, Adult Acne and More!
2017Issue 1Genetic testing for low risk women, Health IT & more
Issue 2Carrier testing, Problems with Breastfeeding & more
Issue 3Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus, Heel pain & more
Issue 4Vaginal dilators, Acupuncture for infertility & more
2016Issue 1Women’s Health: First Issue
Issue 2 Vaginal atrophy, PMDD & more
Issue 3NIPT, Endometrial ablation & more
Issue 43D Mammography, Zika Virus & more


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