Billing Inquiries

Information About Billing at Our Mountain View CA Practice

Medical billing and payment can be quite complicated. Although we are often confined by insurance rules and regulations, we are here to help you whenever possible. We understand that it can be frustrating to deal with health insurance companies.

For questions about billing, please direct an email to our billing department at moc.n1718435574emowo1718435574nimac1718435574le@gn1718435574illib1718435574.

Payment Plans

Patients often struggle under severe financial burdens, particularly when facing pregnancy or illness. The trend towards higher deductibles among insurance plans exacerbates these burdens. To help, El Camino Women’s Medical Group offers payment plans with no fees or extra costs. Please ask our billing department about payment plans if you have difficulties paying your balance at the email address above.

All of our payment plans require a credit card on file to be charged monthly or an agreed amount.

Bill Arrival

Please allow time for your bill to arrive. We appeal directly to your insurance in the event that they deny a charge. This process can take a month or more and may delay the arrival of your bill.

Additional Invoices

There is a $20 administrative fee for an additional invoice if a bill is not paid on time and you have not contacted the office to discuss your bill or set up a payment plan. This fee is noted on every invoice and is non-negotiable.

For general information and inquiries, please contact us at (650) 396-8110 or moc.n1718435574emowo1718435574nimac1718435574le@of1718435574ni1718435574.

pop up imaging stating that ECWMG is not accepting new patients starting 3/1 and you can ask to be put on a wait list.