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Weight-Loss Surgery Helps Reduce Long-Term Risks for Cancer

The battle against obesity has long been associated with a multitude of health risks, including an increased susceptibility to various types of cancer. However, recent research offers a glimmer of hope, particularly for women struggling with obesity. A groundbreaking study spanning four decades has unveiled a promising link between weight-loss surgery and a reduced long-term […]

IUD May Reduce Risk of Ovarian Cancer

The American Cancer Society estimates that over 21,000 women in the US will receive a new diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 2020, and almost 14,000 women will die from it. In 2017, there were over 233,000 people living with the disease. Unfortunately, ovarian cancer is hard to detect, and often is detected too late. It […]

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Advances in Ovarian Cancer Screening

Ovarian cancer is notoriously difficult to diagnose, especially within the early and more treatable stages. More than 70% of women are diagnosed when the cancer has already progressed to advanced stages of ovarian cancer.  This is because the symptoms most often present as more benign conditions, and symptoms rarely ever develop in the early stages. […]

Hormonal Birth Control Lowers Risk of Ovarian Cancer

  Hormonal birth control was first released in 1960, as a combined (estrogen and progestin) oral contraceptive pill. Since then, there has been an explosion of different options when it comes to hormonal contraception in addition to the pill – from patches to IUDs and even hormone injections. While family planning is an extremely important […]

September is Ovarian Cancer Month: What you should know

September is Ovarian Cancer Month: What you should know   Ovarian cancer is an uncommon cancer, most of us have a less than 2% chance of ever getting it.  However, for those that do develop this cancer, it is hard to catch early and harder to cure.   It is the deadliest of the gynecologic cancers […]

Scalp-Cooling Caps Help Prevent Hair Loss in Chemotherapy

    Hair loss is such a common side effect of chemotherapy medication that it has become an almost universal symbol for cancer. Losing hair can add emotional distress to what is already an incredibly difficult time for patients. It is normal to feel upset about hair loss. It can take away patient privacy, forcing […]

Family Matters: Know your risk for hereditary cancer

Family Matters: Know your risk for hereditary cancer   Written by Dr. Teng    When you see your doctor for your annual checkup or for another reason, you undoubtedly will get asked about your family history.  Not only are we interested in family history of diabetes or heart disease, but we also will ask about […]