Call Coverage

Call Coverage and After Hours Care at Our Mountain View CA Practice

We always do our best to be there for our patients. To that end, we have available hours on evenings and Saturdays and are on-call for urgent needs, questions, deliveries, and after-hours hospital visits.

Questions that are not urgent should be directed to our office number at (650) 396-8110 during normal business hours, messaging through our Patient Portal, or emailed to moc.n1718438167emowo1718438167nimac1718438167le@of1718438167ni1718438167.

For urgent questions or needs, please call our office directly and listen to the instructions so that the on-call doctor can contact you.

Please dial 911 for any medical emergencies.

On-Call Doctors

We have four doctors on-call at all times for our patients’ urgent needs – Drs. Azad, Balassiano, Gupta, and Teng. They all share evening and weekend coverage while rotating coverage of hospital inpatients daily.

Obstetrician Hospitalist

El Camino Hospital always has an obstetrician hospitalist available. This physician covers labor and delivery for emergencies, unexpected deliveries, and to assist other obstetricians. You will always have labor and delivery coverage at El Camino Hospital in the event of an emergency or urgent need.

Remember, for appointments and non-urgent questions, you can always reach El Camino Women’s Medical Group at moc.n1718438167emowo1718438167nimac1718438167le@of1718438167ni1718438167 or by Patient Portal.

pop up imaging stating that ECWMG is not accepting new patients starting 3/1 and you can ask to be put on a wait list.