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Pregnant? Postpartum? You really do need the Flu Vaccine

  It is that time of year again where the weather gets colder, sweaters and boots come back into fashion, and the news gets obsessed with pumpkin spice everything. That’s right! Flu season! I know, “I got one last year! Shouldn’t one be enough?” Unfortunately no. The flu virus mutates so quickly through the population […]

Taking care of your baby when you get home

You may feel overwhelmed during your baby’s first month and wonder “Am I doing this right?” No previous life experience prepares first time parents for doing this new role. It is completely normal to be confused and frustrated by your newborn. You will become familiar with your newborn’s needs by paying attention to his or […]

My Challenges with Breastfeeding

by Amy Teng, DO     As an obstetrician I counsel patients daily regarding the challenges of pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding.  As most mothers will acknowledge, the expectations and goals that are set for this time in a woman’s life can be numerous, complicated, and sometimes difficult to achieve.  My goal is to make sure […]

It can happen to anyone: Post Partum Depression

It can happen to anyone: Post Partum Depression By Rania Awaad, MD   “How can I be so ungrateful for this beautiful baby?” she asked, her voice filled with despair and trepidation. Before I knew it, she had burst into uncontrollable sobbing. For moments, I sat there uncertain what to say next. Yet, this was […]

Postpartum contraception: When should I start?

Written by: Dr. Teng     In 2012, a systematic review of the research on the effectiveness of postpartum contraception counseling found that patient education results in more family planning use and fewer unplanned pregnancies.  Family planning is integral to our roles as OBGYNs.  Though planning your next pregnancy may be the last thing on […]

We've Moved!

Our office has finally moved into our brand new, larger space in the Sobrato Pavilion.
Please allow yourself additional time to find our space, park in the Sobrato Parking Structure, and find our suite on the 6th floor!

We can't wait for you to see it!

Map of ECH campus and our new location