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Fertility-Friendly Diets: Nourishing Your Body for Conception

The journey to parenthood is a profound and life-changing experience for many individuals or couples. While numerous factors contribute to fertility, adopting a healthy lifestyle, including a well-balanced diet, can play a crucial role in enhancing fertility. In this article, we’ll explore diets associated with the best fertility and how the right nutrients can positively […]

Updates on Egg Freezing

With so many life projects and goals to reach, many women decide to postpone maternity as much as they can. Some might not even be sure if maternity is in their plans for the future, but don’t rule it out. Others might need to undergo medical treatment that can affect their future fertility. Unfortunately, female […]

Outcomes for pregnancies resulting from infertility treatments

It is known that babies conceived through medically assisted reproduction for infertility have a greater incidence of premature birth and lower birth size, but a new study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology showed there are other reasons that could explain this.   The study used birth certificates from all babies born in Utah from 2009 […]

Can Pot Impair a Woman’s Fertility?

A recent study by Oxford Academic states that Cannabis use while conceiving may be associated with reduced fecundability. The study involved 1228 women, who were followed for up to six cycles while trying to conceive, as well as throughout pregnancy if they conceived. The women ranged from 18 to 40 years old and had a […]

A Woman without a Womb

There is a little-known condition that occurs during the development of a female fetus inside her mother’s womb.   It leaves her without a uterus or the upper third of her vagina.  It is common enough that we’ve all likely met someone with the condition.  It’s also rare enough—and has a stigma around it—that most of […]

Baby born from uterus transplanted from a deceased donor

  In December 2018, doctors from Brazil reported the first time a baby was born from a uterus that was transplanted from a deceased donor. While uterus donations are not uncommon, most have been from donors who are living, such as a family member. However, the patient successfully conceived after completing IVF 7 months after […]

Advances and Updates in Infertility Care

Advances and Updates in Infertility Care It is definitely a better time in history for women who have difficulty conceiving and women who chose to delay childbearing.   IVF’s International Success In 1978, a woman named Louise Brown was born.  She is the world’s first baby born via a process now known as IVF.  Today, […]

Uterine Transplants

Uterine Transplants!   Baylor University has just announced it’s second livebirth after uterine transplantation.   For women born without a uterus, usually affected by  Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome, and for women who’ve had to have their uterus removed due to cancer, the idea of getting pregnant and carrying a fetus were impossible just a few years ago. […]

What’s the fertility diet?

  In the fall of last year, a publication from the large Nurses’ Health Study, identified lifestyle and dietary issues clearly associated with reproductive health. With access to over 25,000 pregnancies, the Nurses’ Health Study allows the prospective monitoring of women’s health and lifestyle choices. Some take home lessons: A Normal BMI: 20-25, is associated […]

What’s Egg Freezing?

  A few years ago, freezing a woman’s eggs to preserve options for fertility in the future, was not something we recommended.  The process of collecting eggs, freezing them, storing them, unfreezing them, fertilizing them, transferring them back into a uterus and having a livebirth was just not successful enough to make it a viable […]