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Navigating the Latest Guidelines: Cervical Cancer Screening and HPV Vaccination

In the realm of women’s health, cervical cancer screening has long been a cornerstone of preventative care. Over the years, recommendations for screening frequency and methods have evolved as research has deepened our understanding of the disease and its underlying causes. In recent years, significant shifts have occurred in the guidelines surrounding cervical cancer screening, […]

Impact of the HPV Vaccine

The HPV vaccine has been around now for fifteen years.  It’s now recommended for everyone from age 9 to 26, and also for some adults between 27 and 45.  The vaccine is a series of three shots over 6 months and helps women and men to develop immunity against the HPV virus.  This allows protection […]

Should I Get the HPV Vaccine?

There are more than 200 types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Most types of HPV are asymptomatic; however, an estimated 40 of these strains can affect the genital area with the development of genital warts or even cancer. HPV types 6 and 11 cause 90% of genital warts, and types 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, […]

HPV eliminated after photodynamic therapy

HPV eliminated after photodynamic therapy   As the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI), HPV infections are a common finding at a woman’s GYN exam.   For early stages of HPV infection, we currently recommend monitoring to ensure resolution, or to allow for intervention if the infection becomes more aggressive.   There’s a new technology that is […]

HPV vaccine linked to Dramatic Reduction in Cervical Disease and Cancer

MMR, Rotateq, Tdap – a few of many vaccines given to young children to help prevent life-threatening illnesses. And if you knew that a vaccine could help prevent cancer, wouldn’t you jump at that chance? Researchers in Scotland have found that the HPV vaccine does just that – it has almost entirely wiped out cervical […]

Have you had your Pap recently?

Have you had your Pap recently?   Pap testing has been one of the most successful public health interventions of the 20th century.   Cervical cancer used to be the most common cause of death from pelvic cancer.   Now it is one of the least common, thanks to early detection of precancerous lesions. During a Pap test, […]

The HPV Vaccine: Please Get Your Children Vaccinated!

  There is only one, yes ONE, vaccine available that prevents cancer.   The HPV vaccine.  A little over 10 years old, the HPV vaccine was developed to prevent infections from the human papilloma virus—the most common sexually transmitted infection in the US (and the world).   Though most women clear HPV infection rapidly, in some women […]

Scalp-Cooling Caps Help Prevent Hair Loss in Chemotherapy

    Hair loss is such a common side effect of chemotherapy medication that it has become an almost universal symbol for cancer. Losing hair can add emotional distress to what is already an incredibly difficult time for patients. It is normal to feel upset about hair loss. It can take away patient privacy, forcing […]

There is an HPV vaccine available. Here’s why you or your child should get it.

There is an HPV vaccine available. Here’s why you or your child should get it.   HPV, short for Human Papillomavirus, is a group of over 150 related viruses that can be sexually transmitted. These viruses cause infections that lead to conditions ranging from genital warts to cervical, vulvar, vaginal, penile, anal and oropharyngeal cancers. […]

To Pap or not to Pap

To pap or not to pap?   Written by Dr. Teng  The guidelines for cervical cancer screening have changed several times in the last decade.  You may have been told by someone that you need your pap test every year, or you may have read somewhere else that you don’t.  You may be wondering why people […]