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Cellulite…and what to do about it

Cellulite, also known as orange peel skin, cottage-cheese skin, or the mattress phenomenon, is a common, harmless skin condition that 80-90% of women will likely experience at some point in their life. Cellulite is characterized by dimpled, bumpy skin. It can make the skin look rumpled with the appearance of ‘peaks’ and ‘valleys’. Cellulite is […]

What are Keloids?

A Keloid is a type of raised scar that is the result of abnormal wound healing. Symptoms of a keloid include redness in the localized area, scar tissue that grows larger overtime, and an itchy patch of skin. Though individuals may experience discomfort and possible irritation, Keloids are harmless. Keloids can form on large areas […]

Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis pilaris, sometimes known as “chicken skin”, is a common skin condition that is characterized by dry, rough patches and tiny bumps. The tiny bumps are generally painless and don’t itch, but worsen in appearance during winters when the skin dries out. Keratosis pilaris is localized to areas such as the upper arms, thighs, cheeks, […]

Maintaining Your Looks During Chemo

By Shyamali Singhal, MD Surgical Oncologist Founder of Hope & Beauty Dr. Singhal’s Tips On How To Look and Feel Great While Undergoing Cancer Treatment Every new year there are millions of people around the world getting the big C diagnosis. Luckily, cancer treatments have come a really long way in the past couple of decades. Still, […]

What is Melasma?

Melasma is a chronic pigmentation disorder characterized by brown or gray patches on the skin. The pigmentation primarily occurs on the face, mainly in the upper lips, bridge of the nose, cheeks, and forehead, and is common across the forearms, neck, and shoulders. Melasma is likely due to the malfunction of melanocytes, pigment cells found […]

What are Stetchmarks?

Stretch marks are scars that appear as long, thin streaks on the skin. They’re caused by rapid changes in growth, and are hence common during puberty, pregnancy, weight training, as well as chronic diseases such as obesity, Marfan syndrome, and Cushing’s syndrome.   Structural proteins, collagen and elastin, play a role in the development of […]

How To Look And Feel Like Yourself During Chemotherapy

By Shyamali Singhal, MD Surgical Oncologist Founder of Hope & Beauty The Importance Of Body Care Routines While Receiving Cancer Treatment Leading A Normal Life During Chemotherapy For many cancer patients, being treated for cancer most of the time means receiving infusions at cancer centers or laying weak in bed. Everyone handles their treatment differently. None of […]

What’s in your makeup?

A mother’s makeup products playing a role in a baby’s genetic makeup, who would’ve thought? Well, studies show that the beauty products a mother uses can increase the baby’s likelihood of obesity. Paraben, a chemical present in many cosmetic products, has shown to be the cause behind this unlikely phenomenon. Parabens are preservatives that allow […]

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Stay Away From These 3 Cancer-Causing Chemicals That Are Commonly Used In Cosmetic Products

By Shyamali Singhal, MD Surgical Oncologist Founder of Hope & Beauty   A Short Guide To Potentially Harmful Chemicals Found In Many Cosmetic Products The Laws And Regulations Regarding Harmful Chemicals The laws overseeing cosmetics and intimate care products are so limited that known cancer-causing chemicals, or carcinogens, are legally permitted in personal care products. Some carcinogens, […]

Self-care Rituals Are Important

By Shyamali Singhal, MD Surgical Oncologist Founder of Hope & Beauty Maintaining Self-care Rituals Can Help In Battling Cancer Don’t Neglect Self-Care Routines Rituals are a way to celebrate life and inspire our days with meaning. A routine is made up of those things we do every day. A ritual, however, is how we break up the […]