Our staff

Our staff:

Sharbano Sangari

Sharbano, Office Manager



Shilpa, Billing Manager



Diana, Medical Administrative Assistant



Liney, Lead Medical Receptionist



Precious, Medical Receptionist




Alexandria, Medical Assistant



Nicole, Medical Receptionist



Samantha, Medical Receptionist


Dania, Medical Assistant and Medical Receptionist


Jocelyne, Lead Medical Assistant


Xiomara, Medical Assistant


Meera, Medical Assistant


Vanessa, Medical Assistant


Carmen, Medical Assistant


Annabelle, Medical Assistant



Nadia, Registered Nurse, Lactation educator

I am a mother to an 18-month-old girl who I breastfed until she self-weaned at the age of 15 months. Initially when she was born, I had a difficult time breastfeeding; however, I received help and encouragement from my local Lactation Consultants to continue breastfeeding. Their support and encouragement inspired me to help mothers and babies through their breastfeeding journey. As a Registered Nurse since 2010, I have a worked in a variety of settings such as hospitals, clinics, and schools, which have enhanced my professional experience. I am delighted to join El Camino Medical Women’s Group and be part of their philosophy in providing quality care and time to patients to meet their needs. My professional goal is to provide support, solutions and confidence to women as they endeavor to provide this great, natural gift of breastfeeding to their children. I am currently undergoing coursework to become a certified lactation consultant.


Sajal (Saje), Registered Nurse