Women’s Physicians Archived Newsletters

Women Physicians  Gyn Medical Group publishes a quarterly newsletter.  We like to keep our patients up-to-date with what’s happening in our office and the latest trends in medical care.  It is distributed by e-mail and by hard copy in our office.  If you would like to be added to our e-mail subscription list or if you have ideas for future newsletters, contact us at  moc.n1635362600ygboo1635362600nimac1635362600le@of1635362600ni1635362600  


Volume 12, Issue 26/15Dr. Sutherland Schedules Retirement
Volume 12, Issue 11/15Medications for Weight Loss
Volume 11, Issue 410/14Viruses, Viruses Everywhere!
Volume 11, Issue 37/14Vaginal Dryness
Volume 11, Issue 24/14Know Your Risk & Loving an Addict
Volume 11, Issue 11/14Metabolism
Volume 10, Issue 410/13Health Apps
Volume 10, Issue 37/13Menopause
Volume 10, Issue 24/13Online Scheduling/ Calcium
Volume 10, Issue 11/13Genetics/ Weight Management
Vol. 9, Issue 410/12Dense Breasts
Vol. 9, Issue 37/12Joint Pains in Women
Vol. 9, Issue 24/12To Pap or Not to Pap/ Leg Cramps
Vol. 9, Issue 11/12Vitamin Supplements/ Shingles Vaccine
Vol. 8, Issue 410/11Are You at Risk for Breast Cancer
Family History Health Tool
Vol. 8.  Issue 37/11Cell Phones and Cancer
What You Should Know about Ovarian Cancer
Vol. 8. Issue 24/11Earthquake Preparedness
Massage Therapy
Vol. 8, Issue 11/11Same Place, Same Care 
Update on Ca and Vit D
Vol. 7, Issue 410/10Farewell
Vol. 7, Issue 37/10Intimacy and Sexuality
Vol. 7, Issue 24/10Genetic Screening
Vol. 7, Issue 11/10Mammograms, Dense Breast
Vol. 6, Issue 310/09Healthy Body Image for Teens
Vol. 6, Issue 27/09Robotic Surgery
Vol.6, Issue 14/09Cancer Prevention
Your Family Health Tree
Vol. 5, Issue 410/08Hypertension
Dash Diet for Hypertension
Vol. 5, Issue 37/08Memory Loss and Aging
Vol. 5, Issue 24/08Migraines
Vol. 5, Issue 11/08MRSA Infections
Internet Health Information
Vol. 4, Issue 410/07 Preparing for Pregnancy
Vol. 4, Issue 37/07Implanon, Southeast Asian Resources
Vol. 4, Issue 24/07In-Office Novasure and Essure
Improving Lipids with Diet
Vol. 4, Issue 11/07HPV Vaccine
Pap smear Guidelines
Vol. 3, Issue 410/06Vaccinations
Bladder Retraining
Vol. 3, Issue 37/06Urinary Incontinence
Health Insurance Issues
Vol. 3, Issue 24/06Phytochemicals and Weight Control
Sun Protection
Vol. 3, Issue 11/06Exercise
Caffeine and Your Health
Vol. 2, Issue 410/05Low Back Pain
The Flu and Flu Vaccine
Vol. 2, Issue 37/05Cancer in Women, Insomnia
Skin Care Tips
Vol. 2, Issue 24/05Sexual Dysfunction
Calcium and Vitamin D
Vol. 2, Issue 11/05Heart Disease
Dietary Sources of Iron
Vol. 1, Issue 410/04Breast Cancer
The Flu and Flu Vaccine
Vol. 1, Issue 11/04Contraceptive Options

We've Moved!

Our office has finally moved into our brand new, larger space in the Sobrato Pavilion.
Please allow yourself additional time to find our space, park in the Sobrato Parking Structure, and find our suite on the 6th floor!

We can't wait for you to see it!

Map of ECH campus and our new location