Women’s Physicians Archived Newsletters

Women Physicians  Gyn Medical Group publishes a quarterly newsletter.  We like to keep our patients up-to-date with what’s happening in our office and the latest trends in medical care.  It is distributed by e-mail and by hard copy in our office.  If you would like to be added to our e-mail subscription list or if you have ideas for future newsletters, contact us at  moc.n1718432880ygboo1718432880nimac1718432880le@of1718432880ni1718432880  


Volume 12, Issue 26/15Dr. Sutherland Schedules Retirement
Volume 12, Issue 11/15Medications for Weight Loss
Volume 11, Issue 410/14Viruses, Viruses Everywhere!
Volume 11, Issue 37/14Vaginal Dryness
Volume 11, Issue 24/14Know Your Risk & Loving an Addict
Volume 11, Issue 11/14Metabolism
Volume 10, Issue 410/13Health Apps
Volume 10, Issue 37/13Menopause
Volume 10, Issue 24/13Online Scheduling/ Calcium
Volume 10, Issue 11/13Genetics/ Weight Management
Vol. 9, Issue 410/12Dense Breasts
Vol. 9, Issue 37/12Joint Pains in Women
Vol. 9, Issue 24/12To Pap or Not to Pap/ Leg Cramps
Vol. 9, Issue 11/12Vitamin Supplements/ Shingles Vaccine
Vol. 8, Issue 410/11Are You at Risk for Breast Cancer
Family History Health Tool
Vol. 8.  Issue 37/11Cell Phones and Cancer
What You Should Know about Ovarian Cancer
Vol. 8. Issue 24/11Earthquake Preparedness
Massage Therapy
Vol. 8, Issue 11/11Same Place, Same Care 
Update on Ca and Vit D
Vol. 7, Issue 410/10Farewell
Vol. 7, Issue 37/10Intimacy and Sexuality
Vol. 7, Issue 24/10Genetic Screening
Vol. 7, Issue 11/10Mammograms, Dense Breast
Vol. 6, Issue 310/09Healthy Body Image for Teens
Vol. 6, Issue 27/09Robotic Surgery
Vol.6, Issue 14/09Cancer Prevention
Your Family Health Tree
Vol. 5, Issue 410/08Hypertension
Dash Diet for Hypertension
Vol. 5, Issue 37/08Memory Loss and Aging
Vol. 5, Issue 24/08Migraines
Vol. 5, Issue 11/08MRSA Infections
Internet Health Information
Vol. 4, Issue 410/07 Preparing for Pregnancy
Vol. 4, Issue 37/07Implanon, Southeast Asian Resources
Vol. 4, Issue 24/07In-Office Novasure and Essure
Improving Lipids with Diet
Vol. 4, Issue 11/07HPV Vaccine
Pap smear Guidelines
Vol. 3, Issue 410/06Vaccinations
Bladder Retraining
Vol. 3, Issue 37/06Urinary Incontinence
Health Insurance Issues
Vol. 3, Issue 24/06Phytochemicals and Weight Control
Sun Protection
Vol. 3, Issue 11/06Exercise
Caffeine and Your Health
Vol. 2, Issue 410/05Low Back Pain
The Flu and Flu Vaccine
Vol. 2, Issue 37/05Cancer in Women, Insomnia
Skin Care Tips
Vol. 2, Issue 24/05Sexual Dysfunction
Calcium and Vitamin D
Vol. 2, Issue 11/05Heart Disease
Dietary Sources of Iron
Vol. 1, Issue 410/04Breast Cancer
The Flu and Flu Vaccine
Vol. 1, Issue 11/04Contraceptive Options
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