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Pregnancy planning in the 30s

  There’s a lot of anxiety around the age of 35.  It’s the line that’s been drawn between “normal” pregnant women and those of “advanced” maternal age.   Though the changes a woman goes through are gradual and ever changing, the age of 35 is the best age to place this line for a lot of […]

Group B Strep in Pregnancy

  Every pregnant woman is evaluated for Group B Streptococcus (GBS) in pregnancy.  By 36 weeks, if she hasn’t yet had GBS, a swab is done of the vagina and anus in the office to specifically rule it out.  What’s it all about? GBS is a type of bacteria that is commonly found on humans.  […]

Pregnancy and Air Travel

Pregnancy and Air Travel. Feb 2018   Travel plans coming up?  Trying to figure out what’s safe and what’s not while pregnant?  Here are some basic guidelines for safe travels: Airplane travel doesn’t make labor more likely, but no one wants to have a baby on a plane! Airlines do not follow a standard set […]

Induction of Labor at 39 weeks Reduces Risk of Cesarean!

Our philosophy has always been safety of mom and baby first, centering a woman’s own choices around her labor experience next and avoiding intervention when possible.   Our group prides ourselves on our patience as physicians allowing us to focus on education, giving women the tools to make the most informed decisions possible and giving them […]

Zika is Still an Issue

    It’s winter and the thought of mosquitos may be far from your mind, but there are two hemispheres to the Earth, which means in many countries it’s the middle of the summer.   Where there are mosquitos, the question of the Zika virus is real.   If you’re planning on becoming pregnant in the next […]

What’s the fertility diet?

  In the fall of last year, a publication from the large Nurses’ Health Study, identified lifestyle and dietary issues clearly associated with reproductive health. With access to over 25,000 pregnancies, the Nurses’ Health Study allows the prospective monitoring of women’s health and lifestyle choices. Some take home lessons: A Normal BMI: 20-25, is associated […]

Fish in Pregnancy

  There’s a general consensus that fish is a healthy source of lean protein.   Pregnancy is a time when lean protein is an important part of a healthy diet for both mom and the developing fetus. So, what about eating fish in pregnancy? Benefits of fish: Omega 3 Fatty Acids Protein Vitamin D Iron Concerns […]

Marijuana use in Pregnancy

  Marijuana is gaining legal status in many states.  With it’s increasing accessibility, 1 out of every 25 women in the US report marijuana use in pregnancy. This is not without risk.  Though a natural product, it’s effect on pregnancy has not been fully study.   There is definitely data that it can cause smaller than […]

The Impacts of the Zika Virus

  As summer comes to an end, the threat of the Zika virus will leave the news cycle for a few months.   But the effects of the virus are quite real and ongoing.  The CDC recently put out a study on the outcomes of pregnancies exposed to the Zika virus in Puerto Rico and the […]

My Challenges with Breastfeeding

by Amy Teng, DO     As an obstetrician I counsel patients daily regarding the challenges of pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding.  As most mothers will acknowledge, the expectations and goals that are set for this time in a woman’s life can be numerous, complicated, and sometimes difficult to achieve.  My goal is to make sure […]