Why El Camino Hospital, Mountain View?

Image of the women's hospital of El Camino Hospital

We’re often asked, “Which hospitals do you deliver at?”

For 12 years, our doctors at El Camino Women’s Medical Group have been on staff at El Camino Hospital and have solely used the hospital on the Mountain View campus.

There are many reasons we have chosen this hospital and location as a place to send our patients.  The most important of which are:

Nursing staff

The nursing staff at El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, are top-notch.   Welcoming, caring, and compassionate, El Camino’s nurses are highly trained and excellent at centering patients’ need and education throughout their labor, delivery and post partum.   With the high volume of the labor & delivery unit at our hospital, the nurses are prepared for the range of deliveries, from coaching a women who is laboring without any pain medication to quickly working with physicains to manage sudden obstetric emergencies.   Finally, we love the diversity of the Bay Area and our nurses both reflect that diversity and make sensitive, culturally appropriate caregivers during some of the most vulnerable moments of a woman’s life.



El Camino Hospital has a Level 3 NICU.   There are a few very important things about this when it comes to chosing a place to delivery.  First, there’s always a neonatolgoist on site.   When an unexpected need arises for immediate assessment of a newborn, the neonatologsts are just a minute away.   These early minutes can make a huge difference in a newborns outcome.   Second, Level 3 NICU’s can handle all gestational ages.   When we’re evaluating a woman during the preterm for any complication, from preterm labor to things like appendicitis or pyelonephritis, we are comfortable knowing if anything urgent happens, our NICU can handle every baby we may delivery, from the earliest of viability, even 23 weeks of gestation.    This means that in the remote possiblity of a preterm delivery, we do not need to worry that a new baby will be transferred to another facility, while the mother recovers here.   The main difference between a Level 3 and Level 4 NICU (the highest designation) is that at a Level 4 NICU, there are neonatal surgeons available as well.    During a woman’s prenatal care, if we discover the possible need for surgery of a newborn, these are the rare moments when we recommend women transfer their care to Stanford or UCSF‘s obstetric programs.



El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, with it’s perfect location in Silicon Valley, less than an hour from two of the worlds most prestegious academic hospitals, but in a suburban, high-tech area means our medical staff are some of the sharpest in the nation.   While it’s rare, when we do need specialists to see our patients: surgeons, cardiologists, infection disease, etc, we have access to some of the brightest, kindest physicians in the country.



Finally, El Camino Mountain View is in the perfect location.   It’s right next door to our office, which makes it easy for us to check in on you during labor even though we may be in the office with patients.  More importantly, it’s in a great location near major highways, making it easy for our patients who come from SF, the Peninsula, South Bay and the East Bay.


So now you know how fortunate we are to be on staff at one of the best hospitals in our state!


El Camino Women’s Medical Group offers the latest Minimally Invasive Solutions for gynecologic problems.   Drs. Amy TengErika Balassiano, and Pooja Gupta, all members of AAGL (American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopy) are highly trained and experienced in the field of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery.   Dr. Erika Balassiano has also completed a Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Fellowship, under the supervision of world-renowned Dr. Camran Nezhat.

All of our physicians are El Camino Hospital doctors and operate and deliver at the Mountain View campus.

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