FDA Approves New Progesterone Only Oral Contraceptive

Women have so many different medical backgrounds and life goals that no single birth control method will work for everyone.   Options are wonderful, and the more options we have, the more likely women will be able to successfully plan their reproductive health in a way that best fits their life goals while maximizing their health.


We were excited to hear the recent announcement of FDA approval for a new progesterone-only pill that has a 24-hour active window.   For those of you that have taken or heard of the “mini-pill” it’s a type of oral birth control pill that is safe for women who can’t have estrogen and safe for women to take while breastfeeding.   The problem with the mini pill has always been the need to take it every day at exactly the same time.   And the second problem has been the irregular bleeding.


In an exciting announcement by Exeltis USA, Inc, the FDA approved the oral contraceptive Slynd, or drospirenone.  It’s one of a growing list of contraceptive methods that exclude estrogen. It’s the only pill that comes with 24 active pills and four inactive pills and allows for dosing to be anytime in a 24-hour window while maintaining its effectiveness. Drospirenone is a type of progestin that is safe for women who are breastfeeding, are older, smoke, have a history of blood clots, or other indications to avoid estrogen.

In a clinical study, the drospirenone only contraceptives were found to be just as effective as combined oral contraceptives that contain estrogen as well. Slynd was also found to have a good safety profile.


Some of the most common side effects of taking drospirenone were found to be acne, irregular bleeding, headaches, breast pain or tenderness, increased weight, cramps, nausea, and decreased libido.


As pharmaceutical companies are prone to do, they’ve set the list price at $600/mo.  They also have a system of coupons and insurance prior auths that will make it more affordable at $10/mo or $25 for a three month supply.   


If you think this is a good option for you, come in to discuss your birth control options!


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