From the community: New MonaLisa Touch Laser Procedure

The Mona Lisa Touch has been called “The Laser That Could Save Women’s Sex Lives,”and is probably the most revolutionary procedure to come out for vaginal rejuvenation ever!

In just 1-3 treatments (that last less than 30 seconds with NO pain), it treats all of THIS:

  • Vaginal Atrophy
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Vaginal Laxity (it tightens!)
  • Vaginal Burning
  • Pain During Sexual Intercourse
  • Mild Urinary Incontinence

This “laser vaginal rejuvenation” is done without cutting, scarring, downtime, anesthesia or pain… It is perfect for woman who have any of these symptoms due to menopause, post-childbirth, post-cancer treatments, or after recovering from an eating disorder such as anorexia.

If you have any of these vaginal issues that you want fixed,  please call now and book your free consultation — 312-846-1529 — or click the link below to book yourself online. HOWEVER, we still need your help in getting more perspective on this amazing treatment.   Please listen to  Mickey Karram (Director of Urogynecology and Reconstructive Surgery at Christ Hospital):

This one was on the Perth New in Australia:

Unique benefits for Breast Cancer Survivors:

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    What other questions or concerns do you think we should cover?

    Is there anything here any other concern or question you think we should address?

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    Why do you think more women don’t seek help for this issue?

    It’s estimated that up to 45% of middle aged and elderly women suffer from symptoms of vaginal atrophy, yet only a very small fraction of these ever seek help for it. Also, where as you see commercials for “the little blue” pill are ALWAYS on TV, you never see an advertisement for anything to help women. Why do you think this is?

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    Do You Have Any Friends or Family Who Would Need This?

    We’ve covered a few demographics of who would need this most (postpartum mothers, breast cancer survivors, menopausal women) do you know of anyone personally who needs this? Would you be kind enough to forward this to them so they get in on the friends and family deal?

 The MonaLisa Touch treatment is available at El Camino Women’s Medical Group.   Call the office (650-396-8110) or email Shar (moc.n1721477834emoWo1721477834nimaC1721477834lE@ra1721477834hS1721477834) for more information.

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