Podcasts for the New Year

With the end of the year approaching, here are some podcasts you may want to start listening to.  Podcasts can be powerful tools of transformation if you find the one you want that speaks to your goals.   The New Year often leads us to set new goals, so depending on your goal, try to find […]

Why you can’t sleep on your back.

  It’s on our checklist, every patient, at 20 weeks: no more sleeping on your back. Even for people who don’t usually sleep on their back, in pregnancy, especially towards the end, it can be such a comfortable position. So what’s the deal? When lying flat on your back in pregnancy, there’s a point at […]

World AIDS Day Highlights Accomplishments in Treating HIV

December 1st is World AIDS day.  The one deadly disease is now considered a chronic condition.  When properly treated, people with HIV live normal lives and have normal life expectancy.  Quite an accomplishment. Since the huge AIDS crisis of the 80s, awareness has vastly improved and prevention has been key to decreasing overall number of […]

You Should Get the Flu Shot

  In spite of its enormous value to individuals, businesses and society as a whole, nearly half of Americans avoid the flu shot every year. Most people don’t get the shot for some common reasons: Avoiding needles Muscle soreness after the vaccine Some people get the flu anyways after having the vaccine The flu isn’t […]

Fats or Carbs?  What’s a girl to do?

Low fat diet?   Low carb diet?  What are we supposed to do?  It’s quite frustrating that in the field of nutrition there have been so many contrary opinions over the last few decades about how we’re supposed to be eating for optimal health. One thing is for sure, people are different.  What works for some […]

Fish in Pregnancy

  There’s a general consensus that fish is a healthy source of lean protein.   Pregnancy is a time when lean protein is an important part of a healthy diet for both mom and the developing fetus. So, what about eating fish in pregnancy? Benefits of fish: Omega 3 Fatty Acids Protein Vitamin D Iron Concerns […]

Marijuana use in Pregnancy

  Marijuana is gaining legal status in many states.  With it’s increasing accessibility, 1 out of every 25 women in the US report marijuana use in pregnancy. This is not without risk.  Though a natural product, it’s effect on pregnancy has not been fully study.   There is definitely data that it can cause smaller than […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The importance of Family History

  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and no doubt you’ve been seeing the pink ribbons and stickers every now and then.  Of the many things that are important to early detection and completely curing breast cancer, we’re going to talk about your family history. It’s important that you ask your parents and aunts and […]

The Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause a new term for an old problem

  Women have always gone through menopause.   The hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings are commonly known symptoms that are visible, recognizable and publicly experienced by women all over the world.   We also know that these symptoms usually resolve as women complete their transition into menopause.  There are less visible symptoms that are just as […]

Hormone Replacement Therapy May be Safer than you Thought

Starting symptomatic women on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as they transitioned through menopause used to be the standard of care.  HRT helps with hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, skin changes, concentration as well as a host of other symptoms.   In 2002, results of the large, federally funded Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study were published […]