Taking Care of Your Baby

Taking Care of Your Baby

You may feel overwhelmed during your baby’s first month and wonder “Am I doing this right?” No previous life experience prepares first time parents for doing this new role. It is completely normal to be confused and frustrated by your newborn.

You will become familiar with your newborn’s needs by paying attention to his or her behavior. Trusting your instincts- to cuddle and rock a crying baby or to talk to your baby in a high pitched baby talk is usually the “right thing” to do. You will begin to develop a rhythm with your baby where you will be able to read each other’s moods and needs.

  • A few things that are normal for babies
    • Most babies lose weight shortly after birth. It is usually regained by 10-12 days.
    • It’s common for newborns to have rashes or skin problems in the first few weeks of life- pimples (baby acne), milia, erythema toxicum (tiny bumps that sometimes contain pus), blotchy, lacy rash because of cold or heat rash (prickly heat). Try to avoid “remedies.” Gentle washing with warm water and regular moisturizing with a very basic baby lotion is all most babies need.
    • Cradle cap- scaly crusty skin on top of head– can be treated at home with a basic baby shampoo or mineral oil.
  • Don’t be afraid to call your baby’s doctor if you have any concerns about your newborn’s health or general care. Some of the situations when you definitely need to call is:
    • Jaundice- if the yellow tint gets brighter and deeper or hasn’t decreased by 5th day of life.
    • Baby is not eating well or acting normally.
    • Fewer wet diapers indicating dehydration.
    • Baby has a rash with blisters.
    • If birthmark is bleeding or growing quickly.
    • Diaper rash not getting better in 3 days, could be yeast diaper rash.
    • If baby had circumcision and you see any signs of infection.
    • Rectal temp of <97.8F or >100.4 F.

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