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What Happened to the Zika Virus? It’s still around and just as dangerous…

What Happened to the Zika Virus?   It’s still around and just as dangerous…   The Zika virus epidemic peaked in 2016, fortunately there are less cases each year since.  However, it’s still around and it’s dangerous consequences in pregnancy: miscarriage, microcephaly, and still birth, are still very real.  Unfortunately, over 80% of Zika virus infection […]

Pregnancy and Air Travel

Pregnancy and Air Travel. Feb 2018   Travel plans coming up?  Trying to figure out what’s safe and what’s not while pregnant?  Here are some basic guidelines for safe travels: Airplane travel doesn’t make labor more likely, but no one wants to have a baby on a plane! Airlines do not follow a standard set […]

Zika is Still an Issue

    It’s winter and the thought of mosquitos may be far from your mind, but there are two hemispheres to the Earth, which means in many countries it’s the middle of the summer.   Where there are mosquitos, the question of the Zika virus is real.   If you’re planning on becoming pregnant in the next […]

The Impacts of the Zika Virus

  As summer comes to an end, the threat of the Zika virus will leave the news cycle for a few months.   But the effects of the virus are quite real and ongoing.  The CDC recently put out a study on the outcomes of pregnancies exposed to the Zika virus in Puerto Rico and the […]

Zika Threat Isn’t Over

As people plan for winter getaways to warmer climates, the CDC is continuing to emphasize that pregnancy women should not travel to Zika-endemic countries.  In the US, as the mosquito risk has dramatically dropped for the winter, that is not the case in the Southern Hemisphere. Until a Zika virus vaccine is developed and commercially […]

July 2016: Updates on the Zika Virus Epidemic

July 27, 2016 Kristina Dragovic, MD   The Zika virus has been a hot topic in the world of Obstetrics. Within the past year there has been a significant increase in birth defects in areas where the mosquitoes that carry and transmit the virus live- starting mainly in Brazil. In addition to causing flu like […]

ZIka is still news

For Ob-Gyns, Zika is Still News Posted on September 18, 2017 by Haywood L. Brown, MD Around this time last year, the Zika epidemic was covered by every major news outlet across the country and ACOG issued a statement reaffirming the latest warning from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advising pregnant […]