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Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes excessive sweating. Sweat, the body’s primary way to cool down, is produced in hyperhidrosis even when there is no need for it. Hyperhidrosis has two subtypes: primary and secondary hyperhidrosis. Primary hyperhidrosis generally affects both sides of the body. Secondary hyperhidrosis, or generalized hyperhidrosis, is induced by another condition […]

FDA Approves New Progesterone Only Oral Contraceptive

Women have so many different medical backgrounds and life goals that no single birth control method will work for everyone.   Options are wonderful, and the more options we have, the more likely women will be able to successfully plan their reproductive health in a way that best fits their life goals while maximizing their health. […]

Painful Periods–Why Me?

We all know the dread that seeps in once cramps begin… time to endure yet another menstrual cycle. A common MRS (menstrual related symptom) is Dysmenorrhea, the medical term for menstrual cramps. Dysmenorrhea is due to strong uterine contractions induced by prostaglandins, a chemical found in the lining of the uterus. Cramping sensations can occur […]

Breast Cancer Survivors

Being diagnosed with cancer is scary. There are so many appointments to make, doctors to see, and treatments to consider. While a majority of women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer regularly attend their follow-up appointments, 21% of women who had early stage cancer seemed to stop going to their doctors for follow-up care […]

Rising rates of STIs and Treating Partners

Having a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is not only an uncomfortable experience, it can also be embarrassing to talk to your doctor about. The CDC reports that cases of STIs are on the rise. Since 2013, there have been 1.7 million cases of chlamydia, up 22% since 2013, and over 500,000 cases of gonorrhea, up […]

A Woman without a Womb

There is a little-known condition that occurs during the development of a female fetus inside her mother’s womb.   It leaves her without a uterus or the upper third of her vagina.  It is common enough that we’ve all likely met someone with the condition.  It’s also rare enough—and has a stigma around it—that most of […]

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

One of the most common reasons women come in to see their OBGYN is for vaginal discharge.  Many women come in wanting to know if they have a “yeast infection”.  Many have tried over the counter treatments for yeast infections but are still having bothersome discharge.   Bacterial Vaginosis is the second most common cause of […]

Uterine Cancer is on the Rise

With all the amazing progress being made in cancer prevention, early detection and treatment, there are still a few cancers that are increasing in prevalence and mortality.   Uterine cancer is one of them.  Endometrial cancer (the most common type of uterine cancer is a cancer that occurs in the lining of the uterus.   Fortunately, […]

Addyi Is Back

Sprout Pharmaceuticals has won back control of it’s drug Addyi—the first-ever approved drug for low libido in women.   After a long and complicated launch a few years ago, Sprout is relaunching Addyi for half the cost.   That’s still $400/mo before insurance and/or coupons they offer patients. Addyi was developed as an effective treatment for hypoactive […]