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Index   --   WPGYN Newsletter  --  Volume 8, Issue 2,  April 2011

    Dr. Sutherland  delivers her last baby

    Women’s Health Forum … and More  4/30/11

    What to do in an Earthquake

    Botox Spring Special

    Have you ever been touched by Cancer? 

    Massage Therapy—Benefits are more than Skin Deep



Dr. Sutherland  delivers her last baby


On  March 10, 2011, Dr. Sutherland was delighted to bring baby Hannah into the world.  She has been eagerly awaited by mother, Julie, father,  Matt, big brother, Gabriel, and big sister, Abby.


And, yes, she was also eagerly awaited by Dr. Sutherland as she marks the end of  28 fulfilling years of delivering babies.  “I am often asked,” says Dr. Sutherland, “how many deliveries I’ve done.  I wish I’d kept count, but I never did.  My best guess is close to 10,000.”  


Dr. Sutherland now joins Dr. Litwin in practicing gynecology only.  She will continue to do surgeries, annual exams, fertility evaluations, evaluation of abnormal bleeding, perimenopausal management, contraceptive counseling, and the whole range of women’s health care. 


For those of you still planning a pregnancy, Drs. Sutherland and Litwin recommend Dr. Solimani. She has assisted  Dr. Sutherland with a number of surgeries, including Julie’s.  She is an excellent clinician and skilled surgeon. 


“I’ll miss helping women through one of the most amazing and memorable periods of their life,” says Dr. Sutherland, “but I won’t miss being called out in the middle of the night.”  She estimates over 4,000 nights of Ob call!


From L to R:  Dr. Solimani,                     

Dr. Sutherland, Julie, Hannah, and Matt        



Women’s Health Forum … and More  4/30/11


El Camino Hospital has a great conference planned on Saturday, 4/30/2011, in the conference area from 9—12 am.  It will feature 3 lecture tracks of timely and important health topics including an introduction to the Family Medical History Tool, free health screenings, and brunch. 


After the informational morning, you can stop by Melchor Pavilion for the grand opening of the new Genomics Cafй. Here you can get assistance in filling out the online Family History Tool and learn which genetic testing might be right for you in the exciting new world of personalized medicine.  


And while you’re in the area, be sure to sign up for the free skin cancer screening clinic at the Cancer Center in Melchor.   A dermatologist will let you know if any of those moles or bumps should really be biopsied. 


For registration and more detailed information, go to www.elcaminohospital.org/women!




What to do in an Earthquake



In view of the recent earthquakes and tsunamis, Women Physicians Gyn would like to remind you that we live in earthquake territory and it is important to be prepared.  Taking steps ahead of time and having a plan in the event of an earthquake could be life-saving for you and your family.  Just as important as coming in for your annual exam!


Before an earthquake:

1) Consider doing a seismic retrofit of your home.  This could consist of bolting the house to the foundation and bracing the walls.  A structural engineer or contractor may be needed to evaluate and carry out such a retrofit. 

2) Secure individual items within the house that could be dangerous .  Bolt large or top heavy pieces of furniture to the wall.  Store breakable items on low shelves or cupboards.  Secure pictures above beds that could fall. 

3) Discuss with family members safe spots and dangerous spots in each room and do earthquake drills.  Make a plan with family members as to where to meet or how to contact each other if communications are cut off.  Neighbors may want to get together for a neighborhood plan. 

4) Gather supplies to use in case of an earthquake.  This should include food, water, and sanitary supplies for at least 3 days.  It should also include blankets, flashlights with batteries, tape, a wrench to turn off the gas, a fire extinguisher, battery operated radio, extra medicines and eyeglasses, and a first-aid kit. 


During an earthquake: 

There is some controversy about the safest place to be when an earthquake occurs. 

1) The standard recommendation is to do duck, cover, and hold.  This is recommended by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and California OES (Office of Emergency Services).  Recommendations include getting under a sturdy desk or table.  Doorways are no longer recommended.  Stay inside until shaking stops.  Stay away from glass, windows or anything that could fall or which is breakable.  If in bed, stay in bed and protect your head with a pillow.  The biggest cause of injuries during an earthquake are falling or flying objects. Do not run outside or to other rooms during the shaking.

2) A second approach has been popularized by Doug Copp, who is the founder of ARTI , the American Rescue Team International, which has world-wide experience in rescue and disaster mitigation, management and organization.  He has dubbed his approach the “Triangle of Life”.  He contends that being under objects is dangerous because, if the building collapses, the objects may collapse and crush whatever is beneath them; whereas the space next to them will be a safety zone.  He recommends rolling onto the floor next to your bed.  For more on his technique, see an interview with Doug Copp at http://insearchofsimplicity.com/2011/01/13/doug-copp-on-voices-from-the-north-being-safe-in-and-after-an-earthquake/




Mahdavifar et al. (2010) analyzed and compared both methods in detail including the probability of reducing casualties and damage in developing countries vs. countries like the US. He argued that "Duck, Cover and Hold on" was useful advice for people who experience smaller earthquakes without total building collapse, which is the vast majority of earthquake survivors. He found that the "Triangle of Life" could be a better strategy during larger earthquakes in buildings with a wood or concrete skeleton during a building collapse, but acknowledged the possible problems of large objects shifting and crushing the person from horizontal movement. He also points out that the triangle method is difficult to teach and communicate. Based on the simplicity of teaching and the fact that 12,000 times more people are affected and injured by smaller earthquakes, he concluded that duck and cover is still regarded as a better option for most people during an earthquake. (Mahdavifar, M., Izadkhah, Y.O., Heshmati, V. 2010. "Appropriate and Correct Reactions during Earthquakes: “Drop, Cover and Hold on” or “Triangle of Life”"; Journal of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, Vol. 11, No. 1.)

It is probably wise to be familiar with both techniques since one may be important while at work or home and another might be important while visiting another country or in a building which is not retrofitted.  Personally, if I am in bed during an earthquake, I plan to roll off onto the floor next to it, taking my pillow with me and reaching for my nearby sturdy shoes and flashlight while waiting for the shaking to stop


After an Earthquake


1. Be aware of aftershocks after a major earthquake.  Do not reenter buildings until they have been determined to be safe. 

2. Open cabinets carefully as things may fall out. 

3. Be wary of gas leaks and turn off gas valves.  Do not light matches or lighters if a gas leak is possible. 

4. If trapped in a building or under rubble, tap on something like a pipe to notify rescuers of your location.  Shouting could lead to inhaling dangerous dust or airborne particles. 


For more details on how to prepare, see the following websites:





Botox Spring Special

Would you like to feel more confident on that next job interview?  Do you want to look good for your son’s graduation pictures?  Is this your spring to be the mother of the bride?  WPGYN is offering a special discount on cosmetic Botox injections on May 18 at $240 for the first site and $190 for additional sites.  For more information, call 650-988-7550 or e-mail us at info@elcaminoobgyn.com




Have you ever been touched by Cancer? 


Women Physicians Gyn is organizing our team for the Mountain View Relay For Life which will take place at Cuesta Park on June 4, 2011.  If you would like to join our team or donate to our effort, please go to www.RelayForLife.org/mountainviewca.  We would like each team member to walk a little, donate a little and care a lot.  You need not be on the team to walk in the survivor lap, purchase luminaria for those you wish to honor, or donate to this great cause.  Please join us!  For more information, call Dr. Sutherland at 650-988-7550 or email us at info@elcaminoobgyn.com




Massage Therapy—Benefits are more than Skin Deep



In the September 2010 New York Times article titled; “Regimens: Massage Benefits Are More Than Skin Deep”, Dr. Rapaport, chairman of psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles published the results of a remarkable test study which found that a single session of massage (mobilization of the skin, connective tissue and muscle tissue) caused biological changes; massage raised the level of important “good” hormones and lowered the levels of “bad” hormones.  


There are numerous studies which present evidence that massage therapy has an important role in the treatment of various disorders in both adults and children such as;

· Stress reduction

· Hypertension

· Arthritis

· Muscle disorders

· Back disorders


Styles of massage range from gentle, soothing and holding to firm pressure and stretching of tissues.  Removal of clothing is always optional.


The success of this modality depends heavily on the skills of the therapist.  There is no government authority for overview and accreditation of massage therapists; therefore it is vital that you investigate a potential massage practitioner’s background before initiating therapy.  In California for example therapists can be licensed by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC.)   http://www.camtc.org/Consumers.aspx


Massage therapy is available in a variety of locations such as the Alternative Medicine Department at the Stanford University Hospital, spas, gyms, shopping malls (chair massage), corporate campuses and individual practitioner offices.  In addition, a handful of massage therapists offer sessions for ill or elderly clients in the comfort of their home or assisted living facility.


For more case studies and clinical trial information please go online to the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine; a division within the National Institute of Health at www.clinicaltrials.gov.  Or check out the four top journals including the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Therapies in Medicine and the Lancerd British Medical Journal.


 Beth Marer-Garcia is California State Certified (CAMTC) and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).  She is in private practice with an office located at the Midtown Natural Health Center in Palo Alto, California.  Her specialties include Esalen, Elder Massage and Gentle Massage Therapy.


She will see clients in the comfort of their retirement or assisted living home.  She has gift certificates available upon request.

Dr. Sutherland has known her for many years and strongly recommends her. 

www.bethmarergarcia.vpweb.com                       bgarcia007@comcast.net                              650-245-0339









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